Svitol-Art company

- Wholesale and retail sales of products for nail modeling, manicure, pedicure, permanent makeup, eyelash growth, hair care, depilation and cosmetology, as well as equipment for beauty salons;

Is a work with such global brands as NBM, GEHWOL, Luttike, Laufwunder, LUKAS, Accurata, Becker Manicure, Four Reasons, My Style, BNX, PIETRANERA, GA.MA Professional, OTHER,

Is the creation and development of the international brand "SvitolArt Professional." These are products for modelling and nail design. SvitolArt Professional is a wide selection of gel lacquers and gels, gel paints and nail preparation agents manufactured by Germany. All SvitolArt Professional products are manufactured in Germany, specifically for SvitolArt;

- Is the sale of high-quality electrical appliances and accessories for manicure and pedicure at the optimal price;

- This is a successful ratio of a large range of products and a competent pricing system;

- Promotion in Moldova of products of the leading world manufacturer in the field of nail business and SPA-services, which today is undeniably AKZENT direct GERMANY, the NBM brand, the exclusive distributor of which on the territory of Ukraine and Moldova is Svitol-Art;

-This is training center for modeling of eyelashes, manicure, nail design, hardware pedicure, permanent makeup and eyelash growth;

- It is a unified team of professionals, whose activity is aimed at continuous improvement of quality of provided services and comprehensive search of new ways of company development.

Today we cooperate with beauty salons, training centers and masters and their number is steadily increasing, which is the guarantor of economic profitability of our activities and speaks about reliability of partnership on the part of our company.

We always perceive our clients as equal partners, whose needs should always be understood and met as much as possible at Svitol-Art.

We respect our competitors as they contribute to our condition of always being in the right tone.

We actively confirm our high level of professionalism with real affairs in the field of nail business and SPA-services.

Professionalism of specialists, high-quality goods, perfection of quality of provided services - all this company Svitol-Art.